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Sometimes she can be a real flirt but I don’t think she’s entirely aware of it or the reactions she causes in her hapless victims.Many times I’ve seen male friends, and even a couple of female ones, squirming in their seats at her innuendos and flirty behavior. We can have a group of friends around for an evening and not one person goes away without having a good time.

To say she is gorgeous is a major misrepresentation.

Although not tall at five feet two inches, she is the perfect height for me.

None have ever become upset or angry at her behavior because like me, they seem to know that she is genuinely unaware of her impact on men.

This beautiful woman is not just my wife, she is also my best friend, and confidante and I truly believe she is my soul mate.

A man could starve around here.” “If you’re lucky I might cook you something. By the time I was on my drive home my imagination was torturing me.