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This means your network administrator or condo building peers could be spying on your computer.

There are thousands of hackers living in Thailand, and your unsecured connection is easy fishing for them, especially if they have a deal going with the network manager which allows them backdoor access to the system.

And then there are those public places with free access to unsecured Wi Fi connections.

I can see it now, expats and travellers paraded on Thai TV by police officials as online pirates attempting to use Thai web space illegally. It will be the guy that downloads a few movies or visits a couple of sites deemed “unsuitable” that gets made an example of . The authorities want to get past the political problems of the past few years, and part of that means making sure people don't share negative media or talk negatively about Thailand on social networking platforms and forums.

Oh, and that Thai guy that sells all those fake DVDs at your local market, yes, he'll still be there while you're negotiating your fine. This means that dissidents and their friends are being monitored; so be careful who you are friends with on Twitter and Facebook, and what you watch, share and download.

With a good VPN, you simply eliminate the risk or being spied on, hacked or having your data collected as you surf.

You remain anonymous, closing the door on prying eyes. If you’ve seen any of those review sites that list top 5 VPN’s for Thailand or similar, don’t bother.

Everything you do online in Thailand is being tracked and logged: Thailand’s prime minister has defended plans to introduce tough new cyber laws, which would give authorities the right to access emails, telephone records, computer data and even postal mail without court approval. Seven major Thai online service providers are working with the Thai government to create new guidelines for tackling the spread of illegal content on the web.