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Of those accommodations that did have a cost, the typical one-time expenditure by employers was 0.

When asked how much they paid for an accommodation beyond what they would have paid for an employee without a disability who was in the same position, employers typically answered around 0.

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This number represents 6.7% of all adults age 18 or older in the U. About 7 or 8 out of every 100 people will have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at some point in their lives, says the U. Department of Veteran Affairs, National Center for PTSD.

That number goes up to about 11 to 20 out of every 100 for veterans who served in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

Employers who made accommodations for employees with disabilities reported multiple benefits as a result.

The most frequently mentioned direct benefits were: (1) the accommodation allowed the company to retain a valued employee, (2) the accommodation increased the employee’s productivity, and (3) the accommodation eliminated the costs of training a new employee.

Finding #5: Employers find JAN helpful during the accommodation process.