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It's-- it's gonna explode."Bill Whitaker: 'Cause it looked suspicious?

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Joshua Bitsko: So we jump in our cars and hop on the freeway and we were there probably within five minutes. Bill Whitaker: So essentially you became the SWAT team. Bill Whitaker: I heard on the radio calls that they were telling you to watch out there could be booby-traps. Dave Newton: I could see the suspect's door was just riddled with bullet holes coming out. I remember thinkin', "Man, I wish I had my dog with me," because, you know, it's nice to have him lead a team. They had heard no gunfire since reaching the hallway, and had no idea what or who was behind the door. Dave Newton: Now I'm standing out in front of this bullet-ridden door with nothing except for a shield that's, you know, I'm hoping would help a little bit.

Detective Matthew Donaldson was doing paperwork at headquarters. Dave Newton: There's a room service cart with wires going on it underneath the-- door. So initially I'm, you know, I'm thinking, "This is a booby-trap. Levi Hancock, the SWAT team member, was armed with explosive charges to blow through doors. And-- that was the point I said-- I just start praying that nothing goes off of phone wise or radio or anything else 'cause we're trying to be as quiet as we can 'cause we didn't want him to know we were out there and start spraying at us. I'm like, "Hurry, hurry, hurry, but be quiet." And-- so then we got it hung and then we retreated back into the stairwell, blow the door.

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