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The hypopharynx is composed of the following three parts and does not include the larynx: The lymphatic drainage from the pharynx is into the jugulodigastric, jugulo-omohyoid, upper and middle deep cervical, and retropharyngeal nodes.

Fireplace, large flat screen HDTV 7 add'l HD TVs, Blu Ray /5 DVDs/VCR, stereo/cassette/CD, i Pod/ MP3 player connection, wired & wireless Internet, CH/A, ceiling fans in all rooms, tons of books, games, videos, X Box (not 360).

Spectacular ocean views from all 8 bedrooms 4 BR's are oceanfront.

Most treatment failures occur within the first 2 years following definitive therapy.

The burden of lymph node metastases may yield information of prognostic value.

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