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Dizon is a specialist in medical gynecologic oncology with Massachusetts General Hospital. Dizon’s awards, honors, publications and recognitions are vast and remarkable. show_more=true#lectures Later this fall I watched and shared a few tweets with Dr. The tweets shared both by those in attendance and those of us who were watching were transparent and enlightening. Dizon’s amazing and inspiring post “Pragmatism, Realism and Optimism” via ASCO Connection. Our hope is that by discussing this topic for those impacted by cancer, their intimate partners, the clinicians and healthcare leaders who serve them we can increase awareness, empathy and professional development.

The Child Sex Tourism Prevention Project, launched in 2004 by the non-governmental organization World Vision, is an awareness-raising campaign in the United States.

World Vision has also convened several workshops to fight CST in Cambodia, Thailand and Costa Rica.

Children who are the most at risk of CST are those who are already victims of abuse or who are extremely poor.

The Internet has also made it easier for abusers to make contact with potential victims, either directly through online chat forums (“grooming”), through intermediaries, or by contacting minors directly via video-sharing, instant messaging, and social networks.

Providing facts about sexual abuse is one of the ways to raise awareness about sexual abuse.