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I really enjoyed the build up to that last moment with Fred and Anna. ”“Awesome Please do update soon I love the romance blooming between Fred and Anna You are one amazing writer... Your twilight stories are great Could you please write more stories which invole characters like Lily fuller and Erin ... But i think you did an excellent job of putting into words how a rape victim feels and the aftermath.

I like how you took your time with the friendship between Anna and the twins, and I really like her relationship with Charlie. I don't haven't read many Sirius-child fics before, but this definitely took its place as number 1 for me. Or will you be continuing with another story for Anna's sixth year? it's always hard to talk about and explain that most victims keep everything inside. Thank you”“Oh God, first of all thanks for making Anna finally told the twins! I hope you make or continue the thing between Fred and Anna and make them grow into something!

You're the writer of this story, you got it all in your head or maybe not, you get surprised with us, but in any way, you're in charge.

If you didn't put it a little sugar sometimes, that same readers would get bored.

You handled the depression really well, i appreciated that you didn't skip over it or underestimate it. Also, really well paced, some marriage laws fics are rushed or way too slow but I thought this was perfect with the way you handled how they got comfortable with each other and fell in love. Like he seemed to never have a breakdown or something like that, but depression takes a high toll on the people that support you as well and he kinda handled every situation right.