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"Dragon's Den gives me a platform that I don't want to waste," he said.

"If the brand works and people like it, we will keep on playing." Indeed, the brand often veers toward super-saturation. Wilson was evading lunch with me, he was keeping other dates - on covers of magazines, in an ad for clothier Harry Rosen, and in a contest offering "lunch with Brett Wilson." On the business side, Mr. Having left First Energy two years ago, he is returning to the financial services sector in partnership with Bruce Chernoff, a Calgary investor who is as media-shy as Mr. The two old friends are collaborating in Canoe Financial, which aims to be a significant player in the investment funds industry. Wilson insisted, referring to tough-guy Dragon Kevin O'Leary, another publicity-craving financier who has emerged as investment-fund front man.

Sarah Mc Lachlan: The tycoon and the Lilith Fair songstress have been close in the past. Bid to buy part of the NHL's Nashville Predators is delayed by paperwork, he says. "It's a chess game and this 30-day waiting period means there will be all sorts of conversations going on." "Some years ago, somehow, someone let [Potash Corp.]move to Chicago.

But the assets and the employees, and therefore the heart, are still around Saskatoon." "What you can't legislate is soul.

"If you want to kill your children, give them all the half-billion or billion dollars that's left,' he says. Aykroyd, who was in Calgary to show appreciation for local retailers who sell his wine, is typical of the circles Mr. They first met on a white-water rafting expedition organized by Robert Kennedy Jr. Wilson took along his son, who got a chance to mingle with the families of other guests, including tennis legend John Mc Enroe and 's Julia Louis-Dreyfus. "My priorities now are my children, my health, and my friends." ______ CURRICULUM VITAE Beginnings Born July 1, 1957.