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Thank goodness, the guy has dance background because the first part of the movie looks like a school play gone bad.His dance number saved the first 20 minutes of the flick.A marriage proposal plan goes awry, which makes Sam and Digs realize that the former is unhappy.

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I still think that the “fake” wedding vows of Kathniel in Can’t Help Falling In Love is better.

If I had to answer the question Can We Still Be Friends? It is as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, with the interval between the opening and the end credits as dreadful as imagining listening to Muñoz say “lab” (love) on repeat for almost two hours.

For a supposedly semi-successful ad agent, she seems needy and feeble (If this is the direction she got, then it was inconsistent with her character).

Her voice and her mannerisms are annoying and make me stabby.

I know what I am getting into, and most of the time I am entertained. Digs and Sam have been together for almost eight years, but it is obvious that they are in a rut.