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We can avoid the extra layer of interpretation imposed by a translation by focusing on just the 5800 Greek manuscripts. This chart shows the number of Greek manuscript copies by century.

(The data is from Wikipedia, with manuscripts categorized on the cusp of two centuries put into the earlier century.) We have zero manuscripts from the first century and eight from the second.

It is our oldest New Testament manuscript and dates to the first half of the second century.

But, again, the emphasis should be on the word Only when you get to the oldest complete (or nearly complete) texts—the Codices Sinaiticus and Vaticanus from the fourth century—do you get all the missing pieces.

(I’ve written more about this centuries-long dark age here.) The “best attested by far!

The majority of papyri which survive from this date are in the form of book-rolls, written in a series of columns on one side of the papyrus sheet.

This fragment has writing from the same work on both sides, so would have been part of a codex (a book with turning pages).

It provides us with invaluable evidence on the spread of Christianity in the provinces of the Roman Empire in the first centuries of our era.

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