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Users were previously required to hold down on the screen in order to view a snap; this behavior was removed in July 2015 The requirement to hold on the screen was intended to frustrate the ability to take screenshots of snaps; the Snapchat app does not prevent screenshots from being taken but can notify the sender if it detects that it has been saved.

However, these notifications can be bypassed through either unauthorized modifications to the app or by obtaining the image through external means.

Brown and Spiegel then pulled in Bobby Murphy, who had experience coding.

The three worked closely together for several months and launched Snapchat as "Picaboo" on the i OS operating system on July 8, 2011.

On May 8, 2012, Reggie Brown sent an email to Evan Spiegel during their senior year at Stanford in which he offered to re-negotiate his equitable share regarding ownership of the company.

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