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The 1673 register of landowners shows his family owning a 300 acre plantation there.

n 1692, when Joseph Ballard's wife, Elizabeth, came down with a fever that baffled doctors, witchcraft was suspected and a search for the responsible witch began.

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Today, Fosters Downeast Clambake is run by Kevin Tacy who bought the business and worked alongside Bill during his first year to learn all the techniques that have made Fosters a New England tradition. A mystery surrounds Margaret Ann, the grandmother of the author.

Her own mother had died when Margaret Ann was only two years old and a void then seems to have been purposely created.

On his arrival there, he puchased land for a plantation in St. As Foster wrote in his account of those times, "a generation of young cavees have come over from England, complaining that Parliament had sequestered their estates." Foster, a Parliiament supporter, had in fact to flee the island in 1650. He had married Elizabeth Remnont in London in 1639; but had not brought her to Barbados. When he had to flee Barbados for England, he learnt that Elizabeth his first wife, who had heard about his marriage in Barbados, had married again.

However, her husband was away in the East Indies and Nicholas moved in with her.

When Mary in Barbados found this out, she too hastened back to England. Nicholas then sought out another woman and proposed marriage to her.