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We've often believed that some young women's preference for slightly older men could have to do with status and resources on offer. But perhaps the likelihood for greater pleasure from an experienced lover also plays a role.

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1) Understand that for a woman, regardless of whether it's a man or another woman hitting on her, she's most likely to be interested in casual sex if she (probably subconsciously) thinks there is a very likely probability of having great amounts of pleasure from the encounter (e.g., an orgasm or more).

Since it's comparatively hard for her to achieve this, she might be very choosy indeed! Perceived proposer personality characteristics and gender differences in acceptance of casual sex offers. Bjarne Holmes is Associate Professor and the Program Director for Psychology at Champlain College in beautiful Burlington, Vermont.

2) Given that feeling relaxed and comfortable will likely also facilitate her chances of pleasure, when she does choose to have casual sex, it might well be with someone she already knows and trusts.3) For anyone interested in having casual sex with a woman, practice your skills and your sensitivity to HER needs (I'll let your imagination figure out the rest). His research focuses on attachment, well-being, health, relationship attitudes and beliefs, and the role of media influence on social identity in young adults. Holmes is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships and he produces the journal's podcast series,"Relationship Matters" (download the podcasts for free here).

Figure out what works best to convey the message to her (a topic I'll post on in the future) -- that YOU are just what she needs to help her reach her sexual ecstasy!! He's also a regular contributor to the web page Science of Relationships (read his articles here). Holmes is available for media interviews, expert commentary, or consulting.

The pleasure derived from these sexual encounters build upon years of foreplay, of problem-solving together, and of growing and nurturing similar and varied interests.