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But as far as i know we are the only roach or Roche family in Bermuda! I have Family dotted around Ireland and England that I know of with my Father's Mother's maiden name of name Cunningham.

Mary Cunningham, you couldn't have got a more Irish sounding pair than Mary and Patrick hahaha.

I have recently been told that we are of Irish decent. It would be nice to have facts rather than stories to tell to my kids.

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I Dare say that "Jim Roache" is the foremost Leading Authority on the Roche Clan/Family. I have found it very interesting studying up on the Roch name and its many spellings and origins. Was wondering, if we could be from the same family. Would like to know any information about where he came from in Ireland or ship he might have been on. email [email protected], the name Roach or Roche, is of Viking descent. Although, it has been well established that "ROCHE" surname is of Anglo-Norman origin in Ireland.

An In-depth site of Roch/Roche/Roach/Roache Jim has 20 years of research on that site, and that is no Bull!! I Dare say that "Jim Roache" is the foremost Leading Authority on the Roche Clan/Family. There was Aaron, Carl, Edward..sure of more but Aaron was my great-grandpa and Edward was one of the brothers. But they landed on the shores of Ireland who already had their own naming system. My family lived in central Illinois, 25 miles or so west of Peoria. The first to arrive was Richard Fitz Godebert de Roche in 1166 that initiated the Anglo-Norman settlement in Ireland.

looking on websites it is a common name stemming from the cork area.

I haven't looked into family history as yet but it is true there was a castle hence castle town roache which is where my grandmother and mother were from but it is said that many families in those days took on the name of the lords of the area, I have yet to look into this but my sister insists we are direct descendants of the roche family.

My real (blood)grandfather was Raymond "Lavern" Roach. He died from a coma after a boxing match when my dad was only 10 months old, and since my grandmother remarried fairly quickly after that, there really hasn't been anyone that has been able to tell us where our family originated from. His mother and father were named Ina Roach and Stanley James Roach. MIL Thank You Shawn Dear all, Fascinating group discussion especially if your surname is Roche!