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Births James Coachman Postell was born 22 February 1789 Tabitha Mc Cottry Green Postell was born 8 December 1787 (wife of James C. Green) Caroline Emma Postell was born 15 July 1819 (dau of J. and Tabitha Postell, Baptized by Nathan Grantham) Caroline Emma Postell 2nd was born 29 April 1821 (dau. Alfred Dyer Schurter married Minnie Mae Davis , Sr. George Abraham Hendon 10/18/1931 Dublin, Erath Co., Tx. Mary Ann Hendon, her dau., Dicey Caroline and son, Booker, all d. and are buried in Old Mars Hill Cemetery in Marion Co.

Handwriting used for family data was distinguished, even elegant. As you can see it looks as if they were copied verbatium from a Family Bible. Benjamin Morris Hendon, Baptist Minister and his wife, Aly ) Their children: (all b.

Entries were obviously made at thime of births, for old fashioned forms of letters were used, as f for the double s, as in Jesse. The births of five of the seven children of "Benjamin and Mary his wife" were recorded in the Bible. This is grand father born Jan 12th 1807 (this is my G-G-G-Grand Father) Polly born dec 8th 1808 Susan born Jan 18th 1811 Samuel Walker was born Sept 12th 1813 Betsey Waters born March 8th 1816 Nancy Here Born Sept.23 1818 David Harris born Sept 2nd 1820 Sallie Jones born June 20th 1822 See Linda Francis born Feb 1825 James Jackson born July 15th 1829 It is my belief that the names above should have the name Contributed by: Adrienne Thompson John Cook Hendon m.

Postell) William Francis Postell was born 16 November 1809 (son of James C. Green) John Cummings Postell was born 7 June 1815 (son of James C. Our precious husband and father has gone to rest in the paradise of God, blessed (? Written by his wife in sorrow and stricken companion on May 15th, S. Escambia Co., AL Typed and submitted by Lygia Dawkins Cutts, 1999.

Postell) William Postell was born 1797 (brother of James C. died Lordsday, May 11th, 1902 at 11 AM, aged 73 years, 3 months and 21 days.

Bradley) Joanna Skinner was born 1 December 1814 (Wife of William Francis Postell) Emma Jane Postell was born 12 February 1834 (dau. Francis and Joanna Postell) Margaret Ellin Postell was born 12 October 1835 (dau of Wm. Mc Kay married Margaret Jane Postell 22 October 1839 in Beaufort District, S. Dyer and Louisa Nash was (sic) married on the 26 of July 1860 Alfred Alexander Dyer died June the 28th 1894 (I don't believe that this matches the tombstone, but I don't have the cemetery info in front of me) Lousia Dyer died 8 December 1924 All entries other that the birth of Neoma and the death of Louisa are in the same handwriting: Louisa Nash Dyer's. Henry Schurter was born in Freienstein, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland in 1869 (despite internet information to the contrary). ; that he was born at "Scott-Greene," Prince Edward County, VA, 27 February 1840; died Lowndes Co., AL, A. Third page: Mary and Elizeberth was borned Septembo the 2 1863 George Eadr Martin Harrelson was borned April the 21 1866 Elizah Russell ws borne Jan 10th 1869 Eliza A. Harrelson was born May 30th 1876 © "Tracking Your Roots" All material contained on these pages is furnished for the free use o f those researching their family origins.