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dirt showdown- Implemented inventory playtime credit- Removed online mode (replaced with SSEOverlay online mode)- Added maximum allowed connections in config file- SSEOverlay: Added achievements progress bar- SSEOverlay: Added scrollbar slider- SSEOverlay: Added online support (enabled by default)- SSEOverlay: Added console- SSEOverlay: Show hidden achievements only when achieved- SSEOverlay: Change screenshots folder from plugin folder to storage folder- SSEOverlay: Fixed possible crash when showing achievements and other notifications- SSEOverlay: Fixed some random dx9 crash- SSEOverlay: Fixed some text truncated on dx11 based games, e.g chat name- SSEOverlay: Fixed crash on exit- SSEOverlay: Fixed invite friends doesn't open overlay- SSEOverlay: Fixed missing friends join game menu on server based game- SSEOverlay: Fixed invite name- SSEOverlay: Many minor bug fixes - Empty achievement window, menu not disappear, Ach progress not in percent, window not reposition on resize, ...- Added inventory support (payday 2) - Updated to latest steam interfaces - SSEOverlay: Fixed font loading issues on DX11 - SSEOverlay: Fixed crash when overlay is not loading - SSEOverlay: Fixed rare crash when hooking DX9 - SSEOverlay: Fixed overlay not working properly when using steam_api replacement - Fixed some crashes during exit - Fixed loading 8bit jpeg image - Fixed payday 2 do nothing after selecting card - Added Disable GC to disable Game Coordinator emulation - Changed default avatar picture to "?

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Check your firewall first, if you are playing online, you may need to do portforwarding.

Then check your appid, it must match to found each other online.

Plugin is simply a dll file to extend or change the emulator or game behaviour.

The dll will be loaded by Smart Steam Emu via Load Library(). f=20&t=65200 - Added x64 launcher - Added game server rules support - Added protection on game server callback - Updated steamstub patcher - Internet server list will query LAN too - Fixed Plugin Post Callback doesn't copy the data - Fixed Plugin callback may not run - Fixed GC reply missing job source - Fixed deadlock around callback - Faster lobby request - Plugin with wrong platform will not be loaded - SSELauncher: All list box item's (dlc, broadcast, direct patch, ban) can be individually disabled - SSELauncher: Added option to launch the game using x64 launcher (and can enable x64 inject) for helping and maintaining SSELauncher Thanks to Sisah for helping and maintaining SSEOverlay Thanks to people who provided translation for SSEOverlay: Czech (Sisah), Russian (Shlak), Spanish (xatornet)NOTE Using version below than 1.4.0 is not recommended since its causing heavy network usage.

If any one of you didn't do portforwarding, connecting to each other may takes some time up between 1 to 20 minutes.

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