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These two are the ones that most foreigners go to, and therefore you get the single women who want to hook up with foreign men.

The prices here are a bit steeper than at other nightclubs or bars around town, but they are great places to pull.

There are some that are more touristy than others, and you will probably do better off in those because girls seeking foreign men will be there.

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Many girls in China do have an interest in foreign men, but remember Asian girls are generally very shy in public.

A single girl may notice you and have interest, but never give you a sign.

For foreign men picking up single girls in the Beijing nightlife is one of the two best ways to do it, along with this next way.

Think back to when you learned a foreign language in high school, did you speak it? Well the Chinese girls take English classes in school but its all paperwork.

A couple great nightclubs for meeting single girls in Bejing are called Vics and Mix.