Dating gem razors

Loading the blade feels like loading a gun, and with the firm, small blades, you can maneuver your way around your face with ease. The only downside that because they’re not made anymore, it’s questionable how long the blades will be.

As a rule of thumb, the newer the Injector, the milder the shave. The early 1900s models look more like woodworking tools than razors (or perhaps medieval torture devices), while the later ones border on Art Deco or Mid Century Modern.

My personal favorites include the Micromatic Open Comb and the Push Button, but each has its own character (the later ones, however, shave mostly the same). While learning how to use a DE razor, I spent hours obsessing about which Japanese or Russian blade goes best with each razor.

In the world of SE, you basically have two choices: stainless steel or not.

All of these razors have heads that I would consider to be a modified lather catcher, but the lather catcher part is so vestigial that I never heard it called a lather catcher anywhere before. I only mention it because these razors are an obvious evolution of the lather catchers that preceded these models.

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