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Also, a general rule of thumb: If you ever see some acting in a crappy way or showing a crappy attitude towards others, you can be that you will eventually be the target of it at some point under the right circumstances.It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s a wise thing to consider in the dating world.

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If the decision isn’t going to make a big difference a year from now and there are no serious consequences that will come out of it, then it is a small decision. For everything in between, give it some thought but don’t let it drag on for too long.

Using these 3 questions, you’ll find that few decisions are as important as you think. Only a small handful have the ability to affect our lives in the long run.

Your goal is to pick a moderately “okay” choice in a fair amount of time, and then move on.

This may be shocking or reckless to some people, especially perfectionists.

Humans have an amazing drive for consistency and very often we end up seeking out friends and partners who perpetuate that feeling of “rightness”, even when it’s incredibly painful to us. He had the seeds of that person in him all along and as he became more comfortable with you, those seeds blossomed into his way of being.