Dating someone with celiac disease

So, that meant: no bread, no muffins, no cookies, no pasta, no crackers, no cake, no no no no no..not even that either.. The thing that my doctor and nutritionist told me right away was, eliminate ALL flour products from your diet immediately (do not subsitute) for 90-days.

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Alternative Gluten free products that have passed your taste test or even sharing any recipes for Gluten intolerance. I went on the GF/CF diet and they all went away--every one of them. even tiny amounts of gluten can be an issue.) Is it celiac? The gastroenterologists don't seem to think that Celiac and gluten are related, so all the tests were inconclusive.

Any useful information, concerns or ways of healing the damage that Celiac has brought on. Now that I have been gluten-free, and feeling better, I can't go back and get anymore tests because they say you have to see damage from gluten for the test to come back positive.

If you don't have true "Celiac" this might be a way for you to get more carbs. just getting gluten free 100 % thats the tough t hing.

The method involves purchasing the whole grain--not ground into flour--and soaking it for a day or two in water in the fridge before using them for cooking, and then cooking for a longer time than you might usually cook a grain.

It's very important to work with a nutritionist, but more importantly one that has special training in this area, otherwise, you are working with someone that more or less just prints what they find on the internet and gives it to you, without indepth understanding.