Dating someone with diabetes

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This disease is a common cause of early death, blindness, amputation and a severely decreased quality of life... These types of studies are so-called observational studies, which can not prove that one thing caused another, it can only show that they are correlated. Glucose can be metabolized by every cell in the body and if we don't get it from the diet, our bodies make it. The only organ that can metabolize sugar is the liver, because only the liver has a transporter for it (2).

Epel explain how excess sugar can mess up liver metabolism and ultimately lead to diabetes. Lustig recently took part in a study where they examined the associations between sugar consumption and diabetes in 175 countries (1).

Be sure to pack twice the amount of diabetes supplies that you think your child will need.

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However, there are other lines of evidence linking sugar to the development of type II diabetes and this specifically involves how sugar affects the liver. Athletes or highly active individuals can eat quite a bit of fructose without problems, because their livers will turn the fructose into glycogen - a storage form of glucose in the liver.