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Women will instantly recognize when you have done the internal work, been through the hard slog and come through fighting. Most of the work will be on the inside- at least 80%.

Most internal barriers to relationships are to do with.

I use specific and time-tested principles and methodologies that have proven to be extremely effective upon application.

I am very much looking forward to working with you to improve your skills in finding and connecting with a life partner. The more you get out there the better you will get!

Nationally recognised dating coach Chris Manak has over a decade of experience, and will coach you side-by-side to better success with women and in dating.

No weird pick-up artist/PUA techniques, no manipulation, just simple, natural and effective methods to get you meeting women and growing as a person.

Sure you can learn some theory (and yes this can help) but ultimately it’s an internal feeling of proficiency, of deserving to have this area handled that will carry you through onto success with the opposite sex.