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Now that they have become known, their homicidal operations have come to lose their deceptiveness.Looking back at their songs, such as "Miss Murder", "Killing Lights", "Kill Caustic", "Death of Seasons", "God Called In Sick Today", and "Bleed Black" (not yet known to be an emo reference or a racist comment), it is a wonder that these homicidal plans had not come to be known until recently.

The current "1x2=3 Society" saw three capital letters and instantly thought that it must be an acronym.

Instead, ALL CAPS was simply used for emphasis, but was over looked by a vast army of dumbshits. An afi is a seldom used term for "One Who Kills Through Punk".

Not technically the first album, but nobody gives a shit about the earlier ones.

An ancient gothic spell is imbued within the vinyl on this record, if listened to without a fringe that passes your eyebrows a giant ship will tear apart the land and charge towards you, run you over and kill you.

The Last Kiss This song was made to protest the rumors that Davey Havok was a gay transvestite.