Demi lovato dating wikianswers

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“I think it’s very important that people stand up for themselves and speak out about these issues, because it just gives people at home, people who don’t have a voice, the courage to step forward with things that happened to them as well.” She also spoke about a moment in her life covered during the film, when she punched a backup dancer on a plane – an incident which led her to seek professional help.

“I wish I didn’t do that, but I take full responsibility for it in this film,” she said.

The Sorry Not Sorry singer added that she had been through “a few” rock bottom moments.

“But I’ve picked myself up every time,” she said, adding that “in the film, it showcases every single time that I’ve picked myself back up and made changes to grow.” New rumours about Demi’s sexual orientation surfaced after she was spotted holding hands with another woman last month.

" As soon as Lovato mentioned that she matched on Raya, I had to pause the movie and instantly look up this dating app. Famous people use Raya and it's really hard to become a member.