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It means dating someone who meets the values and goals you have for a future spouse (more on that later). It involves sharing personal struggles and vulnerability.

Casual or purposeless dating has no benefit for Christians. We are designed to know why we do stuff and where we are going. Now, please, please, please don't be a freakish weirdo. So if you choose not to get coffee or watch a movie with the opposite sex, then whatever. Don't Date Non-Christians The ultimate purpose of marriage is sanctification (becoming like God). If you love the Cowboys and your future spouse loves the Packers, is it important to work through this before marriage?

I asked them to react to this question: "What are the greatest problems you face in dealing with your parents or in-laws, and how will you relate differently to your grown children than your parents have to you?

" An avalanche of mail flooded my offices in the next few days, eventually totaling more than 2,600 detailed replies.

These 10 dating rules could change your future for the better. It is time for Christians to start talking about dating. Church, this issue shapes our young people, friends and family more than we could ever imagine. "Let's just sit back and see what happens" might work in certain scenarios, but Christian dating isn't one of them.

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