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See urge cdc petition and you will realize there is in fact a silent epidemic of various skin mites.

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Colloidal Silver & Organic Aloe Juice (50 to 50 ratio) can be applied to scalp with dropper and rubbed in gently with fingers for soothing irritated skin & bites. This mixture can be taken internally - just make sure the silver has low PPMs (10 to 30 PPMs max). Three other products to help skin: Sea Buckthorn Oil and/or soap It's so important to address the internal health as that is a direct manifestation of the external conditions.1) Sleep - get as much as you can whenever you can.2) Moderate (non traumatic or impacting) exercise - the circulation of blood & oxygen boosts your immune system and helps fight off the infestation.3) Reduce Stress - exercise, quiet room w/low lights and relaxing music.

4) Deep breathing (good for relaxing & helps promote better oxygen flow), ETC.,5) De-tox your diet.

I have been using undiluted HP3% for 3 yrs and it seems to help some but I have a little 13lb dog so have to be careful what I use on her. Sorry that this doesn't fit under Borax properly but I really want to give the answer to bed bug infestation.. Sulfur mixed in pure lotion (no additives, perfumes, or chemicals) and rub onto all affected areas.

Your solution sounds so simple because I seem to have come very close to getting rid of them and yet, they are very much alive. You can buy a product by "Trimedic" that is 15% sulfur/MSM and rub it into areas.

Do you think it's okay to put Neem oil directly on my wood floors?