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I checked to see if the keyboard had a BT signal (saw it on my phone) it did. "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device" "Atheros Valkyrie Boot Rom" "The Operation Requires An Interactive Windows Station" The Atheros is the name of the company that makes the BT module in the computer. I found drivers on other sites but could not get them to work. Done searches for this issue and tried the fixes and still no BT.

Went into device manger and under other devices there is a unknow device with a yellow triangle on it. It did a search and found drivers and started to down load them. It seems to me the drivers were deleted or do not work with the recent win 10 update.

Connect to the serial console to monitor the boot-up sequence.

The unit must be power cycled by removing the power cord in order to initiate the next boot-up sequence.

The Secondary Boot ROM update will complete and the switch will again encounter the DDR3 DIMM fatal error when it tries to perform a warm boot into product OS. Secondary Software Image [KB.] Select profile (primary): Booting Primary Software Image... Only those devices requiring update will be upgraded Device is running a different version. ------------------------------------------------- Module: MM Device: Secondary Boot ROM Running Version: KB.* Image Version: KB. Image Name: /ws/swbuildm/bomrom_qaoff/rom/build/bomrom(swbuildm_bomrom_qaoff_rel_bomrom) Image Date: Feb 2 2016 ------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION : This release includes an important upgrade. Please contact HP Networking Support for further assistance. Aruba JL076A 3810M-40G-8SR-Po E -1-slot Switch Software revision KB. (C) Copyright 2016 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP RESTRICTED RIGHTS LEGEND Confidential computer software.

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