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ETERNAL is an exciting, highly charged love story that starts with a crime committed years ago and the increasing feeling of its guilt as the years pass, and continues when Dağhan is set free and pursues the truth.

A slowly simmering love story between Dağhan, who has had to spend the best years of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit, and Selvi, his “savior”…

Despite her wild emotions, Ruby is still very willing to admit when she has taken her anger too far and will admit when she is in the wrong.

She seems to put the welfare of Sapphire above all else, doing everything to find her and immediately made sure that Sapphire was well.

While Dağhan’s family and his attorney Selvi as his biggest supporters bend over backwards in order for Dağhan to leave the past behind and look ahead, his old flame Beril, and Ender, who is now her husband, constitute the greatest obstacle to him forgetting his past.