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People have lost their homes, their health and even their lives as a result of romance fraud.

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Over a decade of working with private investigators and attorneys has clearly resulted in a perseverance that’s unmatched in this arena.

She’s not only captured the “how’s” of the scammers’ trade, but she’s also managed to get them to confide in her and divulge the elusive “why’s”.

"I still can’t believe I allowed myself to be so manipulated by a stranger I’d never even met." Action Fraud receives 60 to 80 reports of romance fraud every month and it is estimated that £250million was stolen from victims between August 2010 and February 2011 alone.

The average individual loss was £8,500 with the biggest reported loss being £250,000.

I thought there might be the potential for a relationship but I am certainly not the kind of person to fall for someone I have never even met.