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This will allow you to judge if how he is acting any different with you. Make sure you do not confuse this with the occasional story about some girl. However, if he’s having no trouble telling you about all the girls he likes, the girls he’ll sleep with and any other fantasies of this nature all on a somewhat regular basis, then you can take that as a clear sign he is not that into you.

If he was, he wouldn’t be telling you about all of these other girls.

And at some point in his life, every man has taken advantage of this imbalance to get what he wants.

If you see his behavior is no different with you than with any other person, that is a clear sign he doesn’t have any particular or special interest in you.

Although this issue is probably more prevalent in relationships, if you are seeing a guy for quite some time and he has a very hard time of talking about his feelings, or if he seems to keep them all hidden, that’s a very common sign he’s not interested.

Again, this is another reason why you need to pay attention to his behavior.

You might think he is overly friendly with you, but in fact, he is just a friendly, social and outgoing guy.

He has a special way of talking to you or extends some special kind of attention, something he doesn’t do with anyone else.

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