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Hye-Sun has also branched out into the field of film directing. can't wait to watch ur upcoming movie you are too much hope it get the recognition it deserve all over the world. Hoping that I will see u someday in personal and Thank u because with you KHS, keeps me inspiring to strive hard for a better future and one day in God's perfect time I will go to KOREA as I promise it to myself. KHS Saranghae forevermore:)« @lisa, you must be one of those who is so overwhelm with jealousy of Ku Hye Sun to make such a rude comment. If u really don't like her there is always an option just SKIP her drama.. who feels that life will be better if u throw some negative comments and criticize remind u life doesn't work that way.. But, I'll settle for just seeing a constant stream of her film, television, and modeling work for as long as she continues showing us her cheerful, smiling face. http;//com i started watching korean dramas on netflix and came across boys over flowers. ) which makes me feel old for watching, i am totally entranced with this girl's abilities. Maybe that was a hair & makeup decision to reflect how she's viewed at her school, I'm not sure, but it's unusual to see in the female lead of a romantic comedy. This girl is a painter, director, actress, singer and what-not! Then i went on to see Pure 19, she made me cry a lot. So we are all waiting for her new drama, "The Musical". Thank you for making us happy because of F4 (Boys over Flower). you take your portaryal of the character very good. i have been hearing rumors that Korean women have been turning down marriage proposals from non-Korean men. but i have to agree with the Korean women on this one. For the short film "The Madonna" (Yukwaehan Dowoomi), centered around the topic of assisted suicide, Kuv Hye-Sun took the roles of director, screen writer, editor, and music composer. goo nim stay bless and my regards to your husband wishing u guys happily ever after forever. , I have watched a lot of Asian TV dramas and movies, thus I can say without a doubt that Goo Hye Sun is the most talent, intelligent and charming artist. I hope next time you make a drama,it will be summer time so that you will wear regular clothes. Hoping that I will see u someday in personal and Thank u because with you KHS, keeps me inspiring to strive hard for a better future and one day in God's perfect time I will go to KOREA as I promise it to myself. KHS Saranghae forevermore:)« Koo Hye Sun your were the one that I idolize ever since when I was in my grade years and still now, it won't never change no matter what. Word of advise, work on your personality first before commenting about someone else. I belive u should start doing something productive instead of criticizing others..lastly no one force u to see her act.. When she's 'grandma Hye Sun', she'll still have the prettiest smile in the room... you not only beautiful and smart but you actually really the positive person...i want to cry when people state a bad things about you...i hope you will get a luck one day!!! The emotions she can portray in her facial expressions are a real delight. When she is eating, or avoiding a kiss, or saying goodbye, or being angry -- all are so precious and funny and cute. It is funny how a show like this can make life better. I'm not saying it doesn't work, it just caught me by surprise. :o She is really talented, I watched her in Boys over flowers and I loved her innconece and how the brought the character about, well done, I applaud you Ms Koo Hye Sun :) To anyone who only recently came to know this wonderful talent through 'Boys Over Flowers', be sure to check her out as "Yang Gukwha" in her best of all dramas (and characters) in 'Pure 19' (aka 'Pure in Heart'.) This is the Goo Hye Sun who first stole my heart and has refused to let it go. Because for some reason on the first episode she looks a little older. We want to see any project that she is involved with. I invite you to come in my city Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia...because I want show to you beautiful place better than New Caledonia in South Sulawesi.....hehehe I wait you....

Hye-Sun then signed with YG Entertainment and still harbored dreams of singing. I have never seen GOO HYE SUN so romantically into her role that her KISSES WITH LEE SANG YOON is just surreal. I am an actress myself, and I love Korean drama, and the actors and actresses. I watched Boys over flowers, Chil Woo, Take care of us captain and now Angel eyes. She's well on her way to winning the 'Best Actress Award' and "Best Couple Award' for her role as Yoon Soo-Wan in 'Angel Eyes'. What an amazing year this incredibly talented person is having! Keep it going my favorite actress you are the best actress I have ever seen in a movie actually you expressed yourself in the Boys over flowers but you are one of the efficient players in the other films too you are truly a pretty goddess n your films. (:(: I really really like ku hye sun and a Lee min ho I hope that the boys over flowers have part two!!

At the time, Yang Hyeon-Seok, the CEO of YG Entertainment, advised Hye-Sun to pursue acting rather than music. Her kisses just came naturally, it's like Lee Sang Yoon just looks in her eyes and it's almost like goo hye sun is speaking out with having to say anything. Do you think if I act the way I live everyday my emotions will be seen on TV; not heard seen is what I mean. I just wanted to congratulate you and say that I'm one of your biggest fans best regards miss Ku Hye-Sun I really loved and liked you. I really love the story, I really love the actors and actresses, and most of all I really love ku hye sun and lee min ho..

Min-ho Lee and Hye-sun Koo were in an on-screen matchup. Action is also another successful factor which captured audiences hearts.

Online Dating Flakey Kim Jungeun, best known for the movie Marrying the Mafia, is the hardbroke girl Kang Taeyoung, who is constantly being fired in her part time jobs.

But, cheer up, we have 3 delightful fan-made videos that creatively merge the two distant stars into one shining romance. But Korean TV is lee min ho dating koo hye sun foreign to stories of incest, impossible love between brothers and sisters, et al.

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