Guilt about dating

It is common for people to threaten to hurt themselves after a breakup.The chances of that actually happening are slim, but possible, so threatening self-harm is a great way to make someone feel so guilty that they take you back.

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You would feel guiltier if you had stayed with someone you were not happy with and spent all your time wanting to break up.

It’s important to realize that things would be much worse off for both of you if you had stayed in the relationship.

Your ex may not see the unhealthy part of the relationship and doesn’t understand why the breakup really happened.

She has not had time to deal with her feelings of being separated, so she can be much more dramatic about the breakup than you.

Write them down and post them on your refrigerator, or recite them to yourself each night, but just keep reminding yourself that you broke up for good reasons. You have no control over your ex and her decisions.