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If he leaves the book on the coffee table, bring the book to bed... Sign it to him....bring some of your deaf friends over your house and sign.If he want to know what going on..give him the SL book or class brochure.

Many older couple will say...should not expect someone to change after the marriage...then again others may say if he loves you, he will do anything for you...."-DDDD86"..they really love you they will want to do what is best for your relationship and learn how to communicate as well as possible.

My husband was so afraid when we were dating that I would leave him as soon as I realized the extent of his hearing loss and the possibility of 100% deafness coming back, I told him it did not matter...

We have decided that as soon as our daughter is old enough we will teach her SL, he's decided to learn as well."-KRS10"He never made an effort to learn to sign...

Fortunately, I was able to lip read well but in group settings, it was very frustrating for me..was being disrespectful towards me by not learning "my" language or caring about my feelings or requests.

See if your husband think you said I love you, Elephant Shoe, Olive Juice, island view, I'll have two..with your friend, if your family ask you what you just talk with your friend, tell them none of their business. Now I never feel left out when I eat dinner with my family..."-CILJ"wife who is hearing and she can sign very well.

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    It should be noted that in some rooms you can find text chat, as well as the ability to send personal messages, so if you don't have a microphone for some reason, but you have a video camera, you will still be able to communicate.