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Bellerophon yearns to possess Pegasus but finds the wild creature impossible to capture.With the aid of the city's soothsayer, Bellerophon begs the goddess Athena to help him capture Pegasus.

According to post-Homeric legend, Sarpedon was the son of Zeus and Europa, and after a quarrel with his brother Minos, fled to Lycia where he became king and was said to have lived for three generations.

This scene from a Greek calyx krater (a large Greek urn that holds almost 12 gallons of wine)painted in about 510 B.

He arrives in Tirynthe where Anteia, the queen (and daughter of the Lycian king Iobates) falls in love with the young, handsome Bellerophon.

However, Bellerophon refuses her advances and the angered Anteia tells her husband the king that Bellerophon has tried to take advantage of her.

Athena gives Bellerophon a golden bridle and with this he tames the winged horse and the two become unseparable.