How to find husband on dating websites contrast relative age dating and absolute age dating

I know there are more bad people online then good, but it still happens.

I don't know about other people, but for myself, my husband and I have been married for 5 years now and we still feel happy about each other. I dated 2 guys before him but these two were real life boyfriends.

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My friends met their husbands online, some are doctor, lawyer, and well educated.

They had no problem dating in real life, but their life are too busy, online is the way for them to communicate.

A real relationship takes a long time to build, many hours of being around a person to know their quirks and excentricities, but beyond that it's also the day to day or date to date experiences which you share.

Watching people online chat, on a web cam ect is not a valid form of "love".

He came to meet me in person and we were engaged 3 days later while he was in my country. I was on yahoo messenger forum to just play around and chatting with friends. He did not speak my language but he was curious to go to that forum and he talked to me and he was surprised that I could speak English fluently while no one else in that forum could. I gave him my number without hesitate after 4 hours of chatting.