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Such is the laid-back, you-do-your-thing-I'll-do-mine approach Itzler and Blakely bring to their marriage. They preside over their businesses from different cities: Blakely runs Spanx from Atlanta (their 21-month-old son, Lazer, typically travels with her); Itzler is based in Manhattan.The deal: Both must be home in time for dinner every night. Green, flowy and cut down to her belly button and up to her crotch? ASHLEY and I were right at the height of our mutual success. We even found that we had a lot of friends in common.

each day was tough for Itzler, but he says it has changed his life for the better.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, without question.

I downed a glass of champagne, did an enormous line and offered one to Ashley. We jumped in the limo, and Ashley screamed, “Pump this bitch up! I jumped up on the banquette and started dancing, helping Ashley do the same. One night, Victoria – sorry, Ashley – and I found ourselves alone in the loft.

Jason called for our stretch Escalade, his chariot of choice. We dashed out the door, giggling as we burst onto the sidewalk. Everyone bought it, but I could tell it still unnerved her.

Our session started to draw a crowd, entirely male. Ashley’s dreams of being the next diva meant she was not at all into anyone knowing how she was paying her rent.