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And there's a spoiler showing Robert with a gun while the Emmerdale people are teasing for Aaron and Robert might get back together. I think he's still working at Home Farm, because last I remember Lawrence wasn't able to get him out of the contract, although I'm not sure. Seems like he had a change of heart after he got shot. They don't struggle with finding love, manuveuring a relationship or having kids like other characters.

They even made Aaron say he's still in love with Robert after all this. They're removed from reality because it was an AFFAIR. I hope when/if they do get back together they have a proper talk, and we'll get to see more of what you're talking about.

with everything that Aaron has coming up, he probably needs someone to be there for him, someone he can talk to, someone willing to listen. Apparently it wasn't just because of Jackson, but because of his father? Chas was the one to hit him, which is why Gordon took him away from her. Aaron and Robert are a second-rate Cain and Charity at best. Gavin Blythe made a wonderful start with the emotional Coming Out process of Aaron. Years without actual gay affection, kisses, let alone sex. I just hope they have something going on for him in the future. Yes, Connor was another one of Robert's manipulation tactics.

If the writers are actually going there (and I have a feeling they will, Gordon does not come across as a good guy at all, he seems cocky and selfish), then it'll be a re-write of what axtually went down. A Love-Hate-Abuse-Violence-Kidnapping story might as well be taken from shitty M/M fiction. It still doesn't change the fact that he had a secret gay life, which even Chrissie confirmed. They get all the good storylines while they seem to forget about the rest.

When we watch a soap, we suspending our disbelief and accept that a village of 70 people has a thriving pub, bnb, garage, shop and salon or that random people appear in the background of the pub or at funerals and weddings despite all this, that crimes are only prosecuted depending on the story, that people fall in love, get married and split up not even a year later all the time, that bosses are nice and give you time off all the time or that every year someone struggles with some kind of addiction and 3 of 70 people go into a mental hospital, not to mention the amounts of accidents and deaths.