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The research paper suggests that there is a paradox of power in CSR.

Her research focuses on practical aspects of why and how companies develop and implement their CSR/ sustainability strategies.

She also actively engages with business, having led a number of consulting projects including strategies for generating buy-in at early stages of CSR development.

Childcare is the third-largest expense in the family budget, behind food and housing, according to the U. Department of Agriculture, which calculated last year that middle class families spend $233,610 raising a child to the age of 18. President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Mexico of doing "nothing" to stop illegal immigrants crossing into the United States, and repeated his election campaign pledge that Mexico would pay for his planned border wall.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman denied rumors that a vote on Seattle's application for an expansion team could take place as early as next month, but said the NHL board of governors will address the situation "in the fall or early winter at the latest." Kim Yong Chol, a former spy chief and trusted adviser to North Korea's leader, was on his way for what would be the highest-level meeting in this week's flurry of diplomatic activity aimed at salvaging an historic summit, U. President Donald Trump confirmed in a Tweet on Tuesday. President Donald Trump is running out of time to deliver a revamp of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) he promised for this year and people involved in the talks say the crunch is largely of his administration's own making.

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