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Ibrahim "Ibra" Agbo Lache (1 February 1987 – 1 July 2017) was a amateur football player and coach. He was from Douala in Cameroon and was eligible to play for the Cameroon national football team but chose to play for Equatorial Guinea after a nationality transfer.He has won three caps for Equatorial Guinea, all coming in 2011.If the offender is in the “g” or “h” category they can directly petition Wyoming District Court in the county where they reside.

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The information that can be provided is listed in Wyoming Statute 7-19-303(c)(iii).

the day after harvest remains in effect, and hunters will continue to provide the tag/harvest authorization number when registering.

"For us, this is just a stepping stone to do what we ultimately want and that's to start a family together," Minnillo told People magazine."Our wedding invitations were in the form of a plane ticket," Lachey added."We told them they were going away and the attire was 'island chic.' It was all very vague." For those who didn't score a fancy invite, you can still be a part of the newlyweds' special day." Rovsek, who appeared to blush, admitted, "Yes." The former pageant queen, who has remained a neutral character on season nine of the show, balancing the catfights between Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, and Shannon Beador, didn't fail to mention and praise her current husband, Christian, joking, "Christian's dated some hotties too." Lachey, for his part, announced on July 15 via Twitter that he and wife Vanessa are expecting their second child together.

The morning show host posted a photo of their son Camden, 2, and a heart in the sand which read, "It's a girl," with the caption, "Can't think of a better way to celebrate 3 years of marriage to my beautiful @Vanessa Lachey than this!

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