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Australias largest, most reputable multi-sport and exercise programme for preschoolers (aged 2.5-6 yrs).

Fun, physio-designed sport and fitness activities teach preschoolers the fundamentals of 10 sports in a social, non-competitive, team-based domain.

Ms Gilbert was ordered to give a refund of $4000 - 80 per cent of Ms Daly's membership fee.

According to Ms Gilbert, the ambitious trainer 'joined willingly', telling Fairfax Media she 'had one date and a huge amount of compatibility with this man.'She argued the 'attractive, high-earning, well-educated man' had received positive feedback from other clients, and she had matched the pair because of their shared 'love of skiing' and 'clear vision of their goals'.

Note In the screening process, the various certificates, income, and background details such as job title of each member are checked and confirmed thoroughly.

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    Dialects vary by region, and their distinctiveness often depends on the distance from the nearest big city or the proximity to borders, where incorporation of neighboring countries' words is common.

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    The name shift was made by a group of ecologists and preservationists who are seeking to connect and protect up to 12,000 acres of forest on both sides of the creek.