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Spring mom still fighting to find her daughter 8 years after girl’s disappearance After 30 years, missing Central Texas woman’s fate remains a mystery Homicide investigators put out profile of possible suspect in Marrisa Shen’s murder 04/26/2018 Damn, consecutive arrests in the EAR/ONS and Freeman/Bible cases—join us here tomorrow for the rescue of the Springfield Three and keep an eye out for a televised Jonbenet confession on Friday!

The Shrinky-Dink Killer and his shortcomings are exposed for all to see An arrest in the Mandy Steingasser murder: “After 24 1/2 years, it is justice.” Despite mysterious sightings, Highland Park woman still missing after going to store 35 years ago Conspiracy theories still surround murder of anti-nuclear campaigner Hilda Murrell 30 years later, victim’s mom finds an overlooked detail in murder investigation Cold Case: Bullen brothers killer remains unknown Sheriff reopens double homicide ‘cold case’ from 1967 Menomonee Falls family still looking for daughter missing for 30 years 04/25/2018 Sacramento-based serial killer shared bizarre traits with Australian killer Mr.

Kathryn Adam’s 1982 disappearance leaves loved ones in limbo 05/01/2018 Could the Golden State Killer Be Linked to Ocean Beach’s Unsolved Double Murder from 1964?

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Oddly, Sylvia Dennison’s obit lists his wife as “Marylin” which is slightly different than the Pittsburg Post Gazette’s “Marialin,” but the discrepancy may simply be a typo.

I rarely don my tinfoil hat but I’m pretty sure the answer to this mystery can be summed up in three little letters: C(entral) I(ntelligence) A(gency).

The Holiday Inn staff asked Bobby Baird, a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent staying at the hotel, to visit the Harrison home for a wellness check.

Just before midnight on June 26th Agent Baird arrived on Longs Bend Road; although the Harrisons’ door was padlocked and nothing appeared amiss he immediately noted the odor of human decomposition.

Investigators believe his mother is now only one with answer Murder at the Alcatraz of the Rockies: the first homicide in America’s most secure prison The Mystery of the Killer Vacation: Where the hell was Chris Smith, really?