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Since the death of my husband I decided to occupy my child and now he is great.

I live alone and I decided to search my soul heart because I'm tired of living alone.

Once the pipe is fixed, it should take less than an hour to finish the TC up and have her ready for a drive.8 - Mostly Done - Best Bud Chip came over today and provided (im)moral support for yet another attempt on the starter installation. Anyway, the starter is in and tested, the steering box and pitman arm are both back in place, and I just need some new exhaust gaskets to put the head pipe back on.

Removing the spring shackle bolt turned out to be a no-go, so I tried removing the pitman arm from the steering box. After several months of contortions, sore muscles, and bad words, all I had to do was remove one bolt! Those have been ordered and should be on hand Tuesday.8 - Stubborn Starter - I have spent several hours the past week trying to get the starter back in place.

Personality: He is now smarter than he once was but there's always room for improvement, He seems uncaring of others opinions, and has lots of ambition.

Dislikes: Incompetent people because they remind him of how he once was.

We rolled out to Richard's then my Mom's, and back home for a total of about 60 miles.