Mrtg statistics not updating

That graph is OK, but what about having a graph per interface?

mrtg statistics not updating-53mrtg statistics not updating-9

Hover over them, and the tool-tip displays some more info: One small niggle is that you can’t disable annotations on a per-graph basis, only on a per-dashboard basis.

Added the Eurovision song contest page to the site to finally put people right on how things should have gone, and to compare this to what actually happened.

Major internal changes: The web server has been moved from Jesmos to Crush in preparation for the future decommissioning of Jesmos.

I think most things have been tested now, and the only thing seriously missing is the RRD statistics that look like thay'll need rebuilding from scratch due to the differences in data structure formats between Jesmos' and Crush's architectures.

Next to line, enter “Input.” Click the “ Query” button, and add a new query with the same settings as above, except select “if HCOut Octets.” Now we need to edit the queries in ‘raw’ mode.