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It really filters out a lot of the people you normally wouldn't be interested in (any dating site) since it's a mutual choice of conversing without any pressure.(thing is though, I'm not comfortable with making it known as to how I met this guy)Given you're preferences, does becoming a couple mean actively taking that next step by having that conversation or do you believe that this is established over a period of time without the "let's be a couple/be boyfriend/girlfriend)? I think it reveals a "people as objects" mentality that would push me away.

I heard someone asking their date: Girl: Are you seeing anyone else? Granted, if she is completely honest about it there is no harm or foul or immorality on her part. However, I am not game with that mentality Interesting, but if you find that the girl revealed this, would you not think it'd be more dangerous territory given that it may lead to misunderstandings such as "she/he doesn't want anything serious", "I'm not enough", "she didn't think I'm relationship material", "I'm her fall back choice", etc....

One interesting effect of this vague definition of a list is that you can do this: Well you mean go out on a first date and go out with another guy? You're asking a girl to commit after a first date.

Sure you can get to know someone after one date, but how well do you really know them?

If you think you are becoming to attached, you maintain some space and try to control your emotions.