Nadia bjorlin and brandon beemer dating

She turned to decor magazines for inspiration and checked out friends' and colleagues' homes for ideas, Nadia says.

Brandon, she adds, was the voice of reason throughout the process. He'd be like, "Honey, you can't just move that wall. They decided to start renovations six months after they moved in.

"Some people like to renovate before they move in, but we wanted to wait so we could get a feel for what bothered us before changing things", says Nadia, who recently left Days of our Lives but will be on SA screens for a few more years.

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"She's kind of like Stephanie in The Bold & The Beautiful or Kate in Days of our Lives.

Some people even said she could take on Kate in a fight. Now the cameras have stopped rolling and life has returned to normal, the lovebirds say. "At the end of the day, she'll respect any decision I make", Nadia says.

Nadia Bjorlin is a famous actress, model, and singer of the United States of America. She is best known as ‘Sonia’ Hunter in the film Jack Rio (2008).

She is also famous for her wonderful fashion sense.

They might be the sanest of the Dirty Soap cast, but there's no such thing as reality TV without conflict - and for Brandon and Nadia, the struggle has been with Nadia's Persian mom, Fary, who's outspoken about her dislike of Brandon.