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Konami has certainly scaled back on their gaming projects in the last few years, and their booth size and location reflects that to an extent.Still, they had some of their heavy-hitting brands on display at Tokyo Game Show, including is a series of dating simulations that got its start on the Nintendo DS back in 2009.In this game, you will meet three pretty girls at your high school. Your goal for the first part of the game is to try to get close to the girls and to get one girl to be your girlfriend within 100 days.

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You can speed things up by entering Skip Mode and playing like you have been for the whole time, or you can enter the challenges of Real-Time Mode where if you’re not playing your DS at 1.30 Tuesday afternoon, your girlfriend will be mad at you.

There’s nothing quite like returning to your DS to find your virtual girlfriend telling you how mad she is or ignoring your messages.

All the conversations in this game, excluding your own character's, will be voiced.

(It's a really good listening practice for those who are studying Japanese.) You can also choose how you want the characters in the game to say your name. You can chat with your virtual girlfriend and she will respond according to what you say.

Certainly, you can poke her eye or grope her chest, but the Love Plus girls are pure and will only respond to gentle stylus strokes in general areas. Of course, if your DS is mis-calibrated, like mine, it can feel like playing Surgeon Simulator where your simple hand holding gestures turn into a punch in the butt. While option points can be terribly repetitive, each girl has an incredible amount of (voiced) dialogue options, keeping the many walks home and dates new.