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Quit whacking off or tiring out your fingers and pay a visit to your significant other. That's part of the definition of monogamy in my book. doing that and also expressing a deep emotional love for the person? Maybe even accuse them of invading your privacy and send them away. O, but hypothetically, I would beg, grovel, cry out with strong emotion and tears, express how much I know it hurt them, try to stop them from leaving me, beg them to stay and work it out with me, beg for forgiveness, repeatedly express my love, express deep sorrow and remorse over and over again. So what if you don't have an exclusive relationship.

Unless you are a swinger, it defiles, degrades, demeans, and dimishes the special nature of love making with your real love partner. Would it make a difference if it was with a childhood sweetheart that was your S. doesn't approve and you love him/her and don't want lose him/her, if you got caught how would handle it? Or would you unemotionally say your sorry once or twice, then justfy it as not cheating, then shift the focus to your S. What if you have a relationship whereby you are only physically sleeping with one person but have an understand ing that you are open dating and if it comes to a time that you are wanting to sleep with someone else, you notify the other and it ends with them.

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