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Thanks @Sloanmusic, @Bobnoxious Rocks, @Mayor Matt Brown, @Taz FM96, @Brad_Gibb @londonmusichall and #Ldn Ont for making last night AWESOME! @FM96Jim Kelly @Taz FM96 @Brad_Gibb What fun to be back on @FM96Rocks to celebrate 70 years!

#70thbdaybash pic.twitter.com/ASq QAUDn KI Happy 70th birthday to @FM96Rocks. A lot of laughs and good music along the way, and I was even lucky enough to win a prize once. Beer truck prank, Chris The Boss’s Son, Horney’s Organ, Really Tough Contest.

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My nasal cavities are shockingly clear though and you can smell my minty breath even when my mouth is closed.

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