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The politics of a mobile platform are no different.

I was looking around under the recently leaked root image, and I grabbed the mojo javascript files.

A little tweaking and I was able to create and run a demo app using the framework using Safari instead of the SDK! Update: some folks over at Pre Central have verified that this works under Google Chrome as well.

When pressed again specifically on the Palm Pre, and how the device seemed to “directly emulate the i Phone’s innovative interface”, Cook doubled down on his implied accusation of IP theft: “We don’t want to refer to any specific companies, so that was a general statement.

We like competition because it makes us better, but we will not stand for companies infringing on our IP.” Of course this is all water under the bridge now, as Palm’s dreams of successfully surfing the smartphone wave ended in abrupt disaster — burdened by ongoing legacy software challenges, wrong-footed by carriers’ marketing decisions and ultimately saddled with an unloving acquirer in HP — and the Palm Pre had a cruelly short lifespan for such a forward-thinking device. How hugely advanced vs legacy smartphone players like Black Berry and Nokia — which, although they were still minting huge revenues back then, were also clearly failing to come to terms rapidly enough with the paradigm shift of touchscreen mobility.

The new interface for multitasking looks fluid and intuitive.

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