Parent guide to teenage dating

A healthy relationship is also one in which you would not hurt the other person emotionally, physically or sexually.Helping a friend in an abusive relationship Here are some ways for your teens to respond if they have friends with unexplained bruises or someone's boyfriend seems rough and uncaring: Talking to Teens Who Are Abused Talking to a friend dealing with relationship violence can make an enormous difference to her. When talking to this friend, there are several key things your teen should keep in mind: Listen to what she has to say, and don't be judgmental.

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Your teen may have very set notions about the roles of males and females.

A boy may have the mistaken impression that guys are always in control while girls are supposed to follow along.

You will never accomplish the second goal without the first.

Q: Are there any other nuts-and-bolts tips on having the actual conversation?

Q: How can I tell if my teen might want to talk to me?